Artistic Vision


  Through my photography I am interested in capturing the natural ornamentation that exists in the world - the fleeting magic of light in nature that might last a day, an hour, a minute, or perhaps only a few seconds, or even 1/1000s of a second.   


 I love the art of the details that can be found within nature – be it the edge of a leaf, the rare occurrence of a frozen raindrop on a branch, the reflections of sky, hills and clouds in wave patterns on a lake or the seemingly infinite variety of shapes and structures found in ice or crystals. I enjoy capturing the variety in each unique aspect of nature but I also enjoy finding similarities between two or more completely different forms, sometimes finding similarities to works of art created in the past or in finding shapes within the image that can look like something completely different than the structure of which they are made.    


     Primarily I like the use of telephoto lenses to create occasionally abstract images that allow the viewer to question and ascertain exactly what it is at which they are looking, always hoping to engage the viewer or inspire them to enjoy the beauty of both the large and small objects that surround us everyday.