Selected Awards and Published Works


Photo Contests

2019, Share the View Photo Contest, "Tiger Lily", Top 250 Winner.

2017, International Photo Awards, "Encased", Honourable Mention

2016, P3X Prix de la Photographie Paris, "Desert Parsley", and "Yarrow and Dew Drop", Honourable Mention.

2016, International Photo Awards, "Spring Flood", "Ice Forms in an Irrigation Ditch" (series) and "Geometric Ice" (series), Honourable Mention.

1987, Nature Canada Heritage River Systems, "Athabasca Falls", Second Place.


Published Photographs

Birds of British Columbia and the Pacific Northwest: A Complete Guide

by Richard Cannings, Tom Aversa, and Hal Opperman, 2016, 

"Gray-crowned Rosy Finch."

Kanu-Ratgeber Kanada, by Michael Diekmann and Florian Thieme, 1987 (German Publication), cover photo: "Big Waves Similkameen."


Published Photographs Magazines

Up Here: Life in Canada's North, June/July 1993, Article: "Fires and Summer Ice", by Ferdi Wenger.

Canada Journal, Jan/Feb 1992 (German Publication) Article: "Feuer und Eis in der Franklin Bay", by Ferdi Wenger.

BC Outdoors, April 1983, Article: "Canoeing the Queen Charlottes", by Ferdi Wenger.